Fun Animated Films for the Whole Family

Published: 04th April 2011
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As far as movie genres go, the animated film industry may have one of the toughest tasks asked of them all. Sure, you can colour a picture of just about anything, add some whimsical music, put it in front of a seven-year-old, and they will almost certainly love it. That is not difficult. The hard part is trying to make a big budget animated film that will appeal to both young and old. It is much harder to impress a 55 year old man with a talking toaster than it is to keep a five-year-old boy entertained. But there have been huge successes in the past decade, from Shrek to Finding Nemo, proving there are ways for animation companies to bring in millions of dollars by attracting the older crowd. And what will the next animated hit be? After scouring the internet for film trailers and reviews, best guesses come down to three films that are to hit the UK in the near future, so be on the lookout.

If you liked Ice Age (which, admittedly, was not for everyone) then you will probably enjoy Rio. A Macaw bird who never learned to fly, Blu lives with his owner and friend in Minnesota. Searching for love, Blu and his owner set out for Rio de Janeiro where they are soon kidnapped by animal poachers. With the help of some new friends Rio learns how to fly and the two manage to escape. This one has some big names in the cast to help appeal to audiences of all ages. Plenty of laughs are had through Tracy Morgan and Jamie Foxx, whilst former Academy Awards host Ann Hathaway plays Jewel, Blu’s owner. A coming of age story full of hilarity, this one will keep you and your kids entertained for a couple of hours.

A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures
Praised as being visually stunning, A Turtle’s Tale is the next in the recent line of 3D movies to come out. It seems to greatly capitalise on the ease of transition from animation to the 3D screen with big underwater shots that call to mind a certain clown fish who lost his way. The plot is about a turtle born in the age of hippies who spends the next 50 years exploring all parts of the ocean during a time of climate change. If you can see past the undertones of what resembles a Greenpeace hand-out, the storyline probably offers the least to adults on this list. It is not the most engaging animated film and there is very little content directed towards those over the age of 14. Film reviews have been a bit mixed on this one, but it is still worth a trip to the theatre with your kids if for nothing else than the visual aspects In 3D.

Poised to take over the family business, EB, next in line to become the Easter Bunny, flees Easter Island for Hollywood and the dream of becoming a drummer. On his way to musical fame and success, EB runs into Fred, an unemployed slacker, and the two eventually end up living together. Hilarity ensues as the two search for their respective callings in life and end up saving Easter from an evil mastermind. The mix between animation and live action works really well in Hop, and it is definitely worth a viewing with the family.

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